Boban Criticizes Both Messi and Neymar

Both Lionel Messi and Neymar have been criticised by former AC Milan midfielder Zvonimir Boban ahead of the World Cup 2014. Messi is regarded as the best in the world, while Neymar is regarded as the future successor to his throne. The two players have been playing together at Barcelona for the first time last season. Many expected this partnership to become one of the best, but there have been times when they look totally out of sorts. This led to Barcelona ending the season without a major trophy after eight years.

As both players head into the World Cup 2014 with Argentina and Brazil respectively, Boban says that they are both not in the best possible moment. Neymar struggled to live up to the expectations in the second half of the season, while Messi was heavily criticised for the lack of workrate. This could be a problem for both Argentina and Brazil at the World Cup according to Boban. In a staunch criticism, Boban also said that he does not expect Neymar to be in the running for the Golden Boot award. Since the 22-year-old is extremely lightweight, he will not be able to overcome the powerful defences.

This did prove to be a problem for Neymar in the second half of the season at Barcelona.

“Can Neymar win Golden Ball award? Not likely! He is not that good, not that powerful. He is amazing talent but currently is far from being top class. He will never be Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, and specially Messi. Someone should tell him the truth about himself, Messi should face Messi. He is absolutely unprepared, unfit and demotivated the whole time, except against Real Madrid, where he played with 30 per cent of his capabilities and showed how superior he is,” said the former Milan player.