25 Replies to “Celtic fans sing “Glasgow Celtic IRA” while in Manchester”

  1. Seriously now, why do the Irish scum notI’ve back home? You chant anti
    British songs etc and still live here because ireland is a fucking
    shithole, dirty little abused fenian bastards 

  2. Non Irish people viewing this should realise that the idiots who go around
    singing stupid IRA songs at Celtic matches are a tiny minority of brainless
    fools in Ireland. The Irish are a warm and welcoming people to all race and
    creed it doesnt matter where your from or if your black, white, yellow,
    purple it doesnt matter. The IRA is no more in Ireland its history, our
    doors are open to all especially our close friends the British people. Come
    and visit our wonderful country and see it for yourself were a happy

  3. Dont most of rangers fans cross from belfast every weekend to watch the
    huns yes so why not tell them wanks to go home. Both religions crossed to
    scotland when the famine was on know your history you hun fucks. Also every
    hun wants to be english not scottish urnl not wanted every fucker in
    britain laughs at your expense 

  4. Haha the good old “go home the famine is over” thick orange hun bastards .
    Tell that to the thousands who cross each week to watch rangers . Ya shite
    bastards . British and pround but wont pay the whore her money. U have no
    religious aspect apart from being a unluck proddy bastard when u was born .

  5. celtic and rangers have wrecked this great historic country. I hope both of
    them die. They are scotlands brain tumour

  6. As long as the war was, they were beat and put home with there legs between
    there small testicles. It only involved a small country like Ireland, go on
    the Falklands you can do the same, you have most of the world on your
    side!! No surrender!! 

  7. Bunch of prody cunts! You call the IRA terrorists and yet if you look at
    British History you will see a bunch of acts worse than the IRA acts. Same
    goes with the American army. Go watch some of the sick things British
    people did to innocent people.

  8. LOL.You are such a racist.Did you know the Aryan Nation in America was
    founded by the Irish and their symbol is a shamrock. Did you know the Irish
    openly supported Hitler by allowing Ireland to be used as a base by German
    spies. Did you know that Ireland was the only country in the world,along
    with Italy to vote against British Military action in the Falklands.The
    Italians because %50 of Argentinians are of Italian descent.They had a
    viable excuse.You lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. Its a union of countries you twat, England doesn’t own them. Apart from the
    republic, because England owns their debt.

  10. Aryans weren’t found by the Irish at all. FACT. Irish people stayed out of
    WW2, some even fought against Germany, and yes I bet some did work with
    Germany given that the British had taken 6 Counties from us in the previous
    years. As for the Falklands, it’s not yours. But you will take it, just
    like you did with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. When you arrived
    there for the first time you claimed it was uninhabited, There has been
    significant evidence that there were people there during.

  11. IRA did engage the british army, but any idiot would know it would be
    stupid to engage in the british army in open warfare because the size of
    the british armed forces compared to the PIRA who wouldnt have the numbers
    money technology.I mean its bad the brits with the history they hav in war
    couldnt control 6 counties in ireland with the amount of training, mass,
    money & technology they have.im not anti english either i grew up in
    ireland with english who are the biggest non nationals in ireland

  12. Not being able to wave your own flag in 150 years time is what I call

  13. your simply an idiot..and a foul mouth brit…get your facts right.boy…UP

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