20 Replies to “England vs Wales Rugby World Cup 2015”

  1. You probably need to be british or some shit like that to like this sport. I mean, it´s boring as FUCK. It´s always like: 5 seconds of running with the "ball" then 3 minutes where 10-12 guys are lying on top of each other trying to get the ball – then 5 seconds of running again then again 10-12 guys on top of each other for 3 minutes. I mean you can hardly call this a sport. It´s boring as FUCK to watch and it is not in ANY way a subtle or interesting sport like e.g. soccer.

  2. Could someone explain to me why Prince William sings the anthem and wears a Wales jacket?

  3. shame that dopey cunt no6 for england kicked liam williams in the head.
    the dangerous cunt should have been cited

  4. What does Owen Ferrell do with his hands after he makes kicks? I'm just a silly ignorant Canadian who plays American-Football, help.

  5. It's crazy that my schools actually adopted Wales if you don't believe me that's your choice but we had an accembly today and they came to our school litterally

  6. Although I have no idea of what's going on because I'm a soccer (football) fan I always love watching rugby and this match is one of the best I've ever watched

  7. I don't say many nice things about the English being Welsh and all but every one of them sang their anthem which is something every player should do, I felt ashamed that some of the Welsh boys didn't sing the anthem, stym calon gyda'r bois sydd ddim yn canu'r anthem, warthus.

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