24 Replies to “Glasgow Rangers Champions 2010/11 (Best of You)”

  1. One of the best buzzes was when Naisy scored that last minute winner at Hearts, ended up about 8 rows down from my seat. Utter quality, WATP!

  2. Gotta say, thank you Kenny Miller for starting the season as we meant to go on

  3. @Bluenos3 Donnelly is such an irish name too… I can only guess as to why this happenes ^_D

  4. @JamesDonnelly90 I hope you cried yourself to sleep that night you deluded scumbag.

    NO EXCUSES, remember that?

  5. @JamesDonnelly90 martin oneill was an irish catholic. but he never got sent any bombs. maybe it’s because lennon is a massive cunt?

  6. Love this club, went to first game of the season against hearts, support was incredible. – Newcastle Fan.

  7. @JamesDonnelly90 what a fucking muppet you are your managers simplae as that but cheat deflect abuse lie the celtic family way WATP YA BASTARD

  8. @JamesDonnelly90 I never understand why Sellick fans go round Rangers videos making a full of themselves… We won because your manager was sent bombs? What a deluded bitter clown you are.

  9. champions again? its either u or celtic for the past 25years or so. revamp is needed. bigger leagues. 2 leagues only. merge the leagues into 2 big ones.
    cos at the moment scottish football just has no interest at all.

  10. the akward moment when, ” and it’s the croatian sharpshooter who fucks the ball into the back of the net!”

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