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  1. Ha Celtic fans lack the memory of there own club going in admin in 1994.

    Fuck Celtic no money for 3 Years and guess what 3´╗┐ IN A ROW

    Also to enjoy the failure of celtic the CIS CUP. Well done Killmarnock ­čÖé


  2. nice to see all´╗┐ the celtic fans having time to watch a proud history of a proud club that is glasgow rangers, i can understand why this video upsets you all as it reminds you overall through the years rangers are simply the best! admin or no admin WE ARE THE PEOPLE! WE DONT DO WALKING AWAY!!

  3. Wouldn’t it be awful to be a Celtic supporter with all that´╗┐ baggage to carry and a chip on each shoulder weighing you down.

  4. did this video include your bigoted signing policy which excludes Irishmen to this day or Catholics, oh, also you forgot to include the hilarious Craig Whyte/Murray tainted title cheating EBT hilarious and slow death administration followed by´╗┐ liquidation hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 14 in a row for Celtic this season GIRUYH Taxman Cometh! ­čśÇ ­čśÇ ­čśÇ

  5. @DDOUBLEU1988 What about the 3 in row we just had with no money?? whats that say about your team? last i checked where still champions! you enjoy yourself you clown while you go´╗┐ searching all the rangers vids leaving your gay little messages!

  6. 9 in a row wae the banks money now they´╗┐ want it back GLASGOW CELTIC CHAMPIONS

  7. this is a rangers video why r tims even watching it hmmmmmmm trouble maybe or´╗┐ they wanna c history of the champs. were going no where sa stick yer jelly up yer arse , not mind 1994 . fuckin idiots away bile a tattie r suhin


  9. rangers history exactly, gone, defunct,bankrupt,the´╗┐ taxman cometh,history,history,history

  10. Sandy Jardine, Jim Baxter, Derek Johnstone…..I respect Celtic and their acheivements. But in the words of the Highlander…..”There can be only ONE”…..and its the mighty Glasgow Rangers.´╗┐

  11. Never mind tirnaog09, he’s just another Tim who hates Scotland’s most successful football club more than he loves Ireland’s shame. He pretends to be a neutral and goes on Rangers vids spreading his nationalist lies. Perhaps he should think of becoming a journalist, he’d fit right in´╗┐ with the Scottish (and English) press. Most of them wear green-tinted glasses, it seems.

  12. @MrBaphomet616 Ratio: 90% sectarianism comes from Rangers fans. Please direct me to any video on the tube showing thousands of Celtic fans singing the songs you mention. I could show you dozens of FTP´╗┐ movies involving the majority of RFC fans. The recent league cup final said it all. The problem (as Mr Speirs corrctly points out) is far worse at Ibrox. Probably because the club helped perpetuate it with its ridiculous aparthied policy 1920-89. Started in the Struth Era.

  13. @MrBaphomet616 No one would mind if Rangers were a ‘Protestant’ club. What people mind is some Rangers fans racist and sectarian attitudes and chants. Struth had his role to play in guiding Rangers down a cul de sac which muddies their reputation to´╗┐ this day. You really miss the point, this isn’t about ‘Huns and Tims’ its about decent fans on both sides rejecting the idiots both clubs attract instead of the knee jerk ‘You started it’ childishness you’ve just expressed.

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