20 Replies to “Ready For The World: Stadium Showcase #Ireland2023”

  1. We may be a small country but our people has a bigger than any other country in the world proud to be irish ?????

  2. i guess they did not offer enough of a bung ..
    everybody knows how these things are done lol

  3. I'm an Irish man from Ulster but my mates criticise me for supporting Ulster saying that it's a northern Irish team and your not from the same culture as they are. I disagree.

  4. Btw wen he said "state of the art" about ravenhill, was he takin da piss?

  5. My Views are, France shouldnt as they hosted it in 2008. South Africa, Maybe or maybe not. Ireland, Now that sounds great..

  6. Like many Irish men, I've left our island and moved away but I'm going home if Ireland get this !

  7. Deserving of the greatest honours, Ireland would throw a wonderful tournament. Best of luck, a jealous Englishman.

  8. well done Ireland the isle of sodomites, no longer the isle of saints and scholars

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