7 Replies to “Road to the Rugby World Cup 2015: Scotland vs Ireland Gameplay (Part 6- Bronze Final)”

  1. and I have started playing rugby for my school and I'm gonna play in tournament where the ospreys train

  2. we can setup a just giving and stream rugby games and get donations to make it a better game when the world cup starts

  3. I'm about to start cricket umpiring looking forward to it. not gonna lie though im a little scared about similar stuff you were saying

  4. To be honest Scottish rugby cannon I am really disappointed because this is a really unrealistic play through……

    Ireland making it to the semi finals….

  5. Hey cannon. I ref in NZ and I also really enjoy it. I've copped a bit of abuse from a coach so I walked over and said. "If you think you can do better take become a ref.

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