25 Replies to “The Differences Between Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers Explained”

  1. all these years rangers fans have been sayin fuck the pope. funny in the end they get fucked by the queen

  2. Both sets of fans sing about history, yet are educated in little else other than Old Firm bigotry. They both claim to believe in a little man in the sky, yet would fall short in even spelling the word ‘ecclesiastical’. Celtic fans are glory hunters, while Rangers fans are glory hunters. Celtic fans are responsible for violence against opposing players, while Rangers fans are responsible for violence against opposing players.

    Oh, and they both love slogans: BJK, FTQ, in bigotry we trust.

  3. What’s the difference between Celtic and Rangers fans?

    … Well, very little. They’re both obsessed with each other, filled with bile and bigotry. They both want to leave Scottish football, with neither set of fans considering themselves Scottish. Celtic have more instances of racism, but Rangers sing songs every week in praise of slavery. They both worship the bullet and the bomb. Rangers sing about no-one liking them, while Celtic fans say that all of Scotland’s against them.

  4. @ConwayS87 Could you please explain the reason why Celtic Football Club is a bigoted institution,then explain why Celtic fans are bigoted and ‘the same as Rangers fans’?

  5. look at that fat baldy ugly bastard celtic fan getting on like hes nuts!! good smack around the mouth for the cunt wouldnt go a miss!! who would be proud of being arrested?

  6. I know some rangers fans. They are all fat and have false teeth. They are perpetually drunk and all beat their wives. They are unemployed and all have diabetes. They are ugly and have bad skin. They never wash and are semi-literate. They eat nothing but junk food and they spend most of their time in dingy pubs. They are all inarticulate and are very bigoted. They all smoke and they wear nothing but sports gear. They constantly repeat “we are the people” and they worship The Queen.

  7. @funkymcmunky You know I’m flattered that you keep following me on Youtube, but I have given my answer and I do not want to meet you! There is nothing wrong with being gay and good luck to you but I don’t swing that way. And I know you’re hurting but there is no need for lies. Stop sending me pictures of yourself wanking or I’ll contact the police you sick fuck.

    Hail Hail

  8. @ConwayS87 “bigotted institutions” What are you on about? What have Celtic & Rangers done in recent history do suggest that they are bigotted?

    I am not a bigot!

  9. @jcotter1888 Yes i’m saying exactly that. You can say all you want that you’re not all bigots but you’re still openly supporting bigoted institutions.

  10. @ConwayS87 Are you saying that every Celtic and every Rangers fans are bigots? Surely not. Both sides have their idiots and in comparison to the other derby matches the old firm is quite tame when you look at the battles that Russian teams have.

  11. what a twat “actor” Danny Dyer is. All that cringe-inducing tough guy posturing, then it’s off to soho for a nice glass of wine with his agent. Twat.


  13. I guess it was some sort of Cup Final. Rangers won 1-0. It was in the early 90s. Man, I just figured it was some sort of friendly but then again, I’d be amazed if they ever play friendlies. I just showed up in a pub & someone said they had an extra ticket. I have no idea what game it was … but still fascinating. I also once saw a crazy thing outside Parkhead. A kid, maybe 8, running out of some housing area & throwing a brick through the back window of a minivan displaying an Aberdeen sticker.

  14. @glasfurd31 Rangers V Celtic friendly? At Hampden? I think you were dreaming mate. It has never happened. Unless you are thinking of the Drybrugh cup final, which aint happened since the early 80’s. Rangers & Celtic don’t do friendlies.

  15. I went to a “friendly” at Hampden between Celtic & Rangers. I’m English but with an Irish Catholic background. Totally weird. I’m hanging with my cousins with Irish flags & bricks & bottles flying across no-man’s land from nutters flying British flags … I’m from Manchester & people with Union Jacks trying to kill me. Love that my dad’s a Motherwell fan. Although I have to admit, say what you will Celtic is a special team. Great history.

  16. @hailSTELLBHOYhail Learn to spell then come back you illiterate bastard

  17. @mattpark72 defrauding the queen you love and sing about, hypocrites or what? i mean queen elizabeth, not queen billy

  18. @train2pottsville . The difference is Rangers only fiddle taxes – no wi Celtic boys club boys.

  19. @ConwayS87 you mean to say all celtic fans are bigots and all rangers fans are bigots? i think you are the one with the problem.

  20. Theirs a Hugh difference you just need to look at Manchester and Seville compare the two see what you come up with 100.000 Celtic fans went to Seville not one arrest and we drank the place dry!!! That mob couldn’t take a beating and smashed Manchester up!!! You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to work it out ~ Cmon The Hoops

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