25 Replies to “Celtic FC Glasgow – Celtic Symphony”

  1. @Mambitalia go and comment on one of your own knuckle draggin sash wearing
    orange bastard video’s k? up the ra, tiochfaidh ar la! FTQ GBTP

  2. uh, ah, Up the Celts! Uh ah, St. Pauli! xD Celtic, St. Pauli &
    Panathinaikos = Best Friends!

  3. this might sound like the best song ever but it is not — the best song
    every is ( A NATION ONCE AGAIN ) as quoted ( the wolf tones toped the BBC

  4. @HFCproud2beIrish You can sing and support the ira if you wnat this will
    always be a celtic song it is sang every celtic game

  5. i was a child and molding myself as a celtic fan when martin o’neil came to
    our club. he will forever be a legend in my mind. and the minds of all our
    supporters. i feel that as a manager neil lennon can continue the greatness
    that we saw at our club just a few years ago. come on the celtic. 20 wins
    in a row as of this weekend. come on you bhoys in green

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