16 Replies to “FM Story: Glasgow Rangers S01E02”

  1. How did you get the Champions league and all the licences teams and badges?

  2. @ArdillaGilmour Thanks, It is usually ok on a low setting but the screen recording doesnt pick it up very well.

  3. @milanistaa97 Cool, thanks for the support. Share the video with your friends and subcribers as I’d love to get more view and ratings on the videos. I should have a new episode up soon

  4. @BilliCc13 I don’t need any targets at the moment, I dont have any transfer funds. I’ll check with you at a later stage in the season

  5. @BilliCc13 do you want, i become your personal Greek Scouter??? 😛 i will find you players from Greek SuperLeague!!!!????

  6. I am from Serbia and always play with Rangers in any menager. I have one rule,i bring only British players,so i dont like your team. 🙂

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