25 Replies to “Glasgow Celtic FC Soccer AM Crossbar Challenge FULL 2011 Scott Brown in a mankini!”

  1. Broony?legend??fuck me aye nae bother hen am sure there’s dishes u could be crackin on wi…explain offside??ha ha

  2. Broony is just too fuckin funny! love him lol and aw the other legends playin! HH

  3. What about a trophy between the top four scottish sides and the top 4 dutch sides as an extra trophy for scottish sides to

    play. A group stage of 4 in each group 6 games then a one leg semi final followed by a one leg final. Maybe Belgian & Danish

    sides could take part too. A north Atlantic cup.

  4. @POLChelseaFC Chelsea, put in huge amounts of money and STILL HAVENT WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. DIPSHIT!! OH WAIT AND CELTIC HAVE!! In future, make sure you know what your talking about because in all honesty, i think chelsea are utter shit.

  5. The Scott Brown Comment with the 88 Likes 1888 the special year we were formed

  6. @WTFdaveR Celtic, Celtic hows Europe?
    Ooooooo you got kicked out of it and the only reason you reached the group stage was because of that team that fucked you 3 nil used some in-illegible players.
    My god Celtic really are the greatest shame in Scotland can’t even win the SPL.

  7. @POLChelseaFC Aye because the objective of the CROSSBAR challenge is to hit the back of the net? Typical Chelsea supporter, bet you’re loving watching those Manchester boys wiping the floor with your title dreams 😉

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