8 Replies to “Glasgow Celtic Supporters – Hatred and Intolerance Exposed”

  1. Well the vid is just to prove there scumbag Celtic supporters too. What has TAL got to do with this, this is a football video.

  2. I never said Rangers were perfect. I just made this video to show Celtic are no better than anybody else. For years they have tried to sell the idea that their fanbase had no problems, nothing but complete lies.

  3. oh and (THE RANGERS i think you are called now) are perfect so i guess you are the only person not to hear about the riots in Manchester inflicted by your lot , or the Nazi salutes at most European away games or maybe the SECTARIAN singing about Catholics and celtic are not sectarian , i have been to alot of games and have never heard song or chants about any religion , and the songs about mocking the death of Tommy burns ETC i would go on but i only have 22 characters left

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