25 Replies to “Glasgow Celtic Vs Juventus – Champions League Promo – HD New”

  1. @bonnieargyle Big Walter knew and Big Murray knew and why are you watching celtic videos and you have a cheek to call us S***e when ur club can’t even compete in the same league as us

  2. thats excellent mate…as ive always said you try to burn somethings but shite doesnt burn so you bury it just like celtic and jim torbett tried to do….big jock knew

  3. lol heres a fun fact my bro and his mate used to work at spl stadiums and relayed the turf of ibrox many times do you know whats buried under ibrox ? irish flags and rossery beads and pics of the pope

  4. very true and well done to jock stein and celtic…..but you cant sweep your paedophile antics under the carpet it will always be there for all to see…big jock knew

  5. seriously still on celtic videos big jock knew how to win the one trophy sevco could never get

  6. I’m a juventus fan, i’ve been impressed by you guys, by your supporters and by your club, you just need more technik, cause for the heart and fighting spirit no one match with you. You did not derserve this score. You played against the worst team for you, we are Juventus, we play badly but we always win anyway. Secretly i found a litle fan of your club to be honest.

  7. You are absolutely correct,but because they conceded early,they wrongly,felt it was all out attack! Big mistake!

    Juventus played well,on the counter!

  8. is there a particular hope for CELTIC to advance to the last 8 in the champions league???? it not like they are going to beat Juventus 4-0 in Turin, italy….. i mean Celtic could have just defended the whole time just like they did to FC BARCELONA… but unfortunately they prefer to attack… Celtic is not good in attacking.. they are much better defending or counter attack…

  9. I liked the playing style of Celtic and as a fan of Juve I respect them, but what to do?! It’s Juve and this Juve is back!…

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