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  1. @jokeyboy boyd scored 63 goals in 153 games for kilmarnock, he scored 101 goals in 143 games for rangers, please tell me how you played him the right way and how we tried to change him? no rangers fan moan about him, we moaned when he left because we were angry that we were loosing our top scorer, now all gers fans wish him luck. and if (which we wont) Rangers die.. then you can say byebye to kilmarnock too, the small teams need Rangers and Celtic support to help them survive.

  2. He is probably the most natural goalscorer in the mls, he needs a few more games and a good supply and he will score 25+

  3. @xavisig No club in the MLS is even on the same level as Rangers, 140 years of history and more trophies than any team in the world? Get a grip son, for your information Rangers are not bankrupt and will be back stronger than ever.

  4. @rosecitytillidie No offence but a legend in Portland is nothing compared to the legend he could have been in Glasgow before he left for the money elsewhere. Good luck to him but he has wasted his career.

  5. Dempsey is my favorite american… donovan is past his prime. Dempsey will lead us to WC 2014 in Brazil.

  6. @xavisig What does Rangers going into administration have to do with the quality of the Scottish league?… Do you actually even know what you’re talking about? I’ve no doubt the general standard of the MLS is probably about the same but there are a lot more players that go from the SPL to the premiership than there are from the MLS.

  7. @rosecitytillidie Best american player to ever play in the premiership in my opinion, should be at a bigger club than Fulham

  8. Some people laugh at him now that he wears green and white… I just look at how he might become a legend here in the rose city if he leads us to a MLS cup title.

  9. @rosecitytillidie if he gets chances created for him he will score most of them tbh he wont create many on his own tho. he could quite easliy score 30+ goals a season in the mls he’s got a no bad free-kick aswell to be fair. Alot of Rangers fans will slag him because of the way he left us

  10. Boyd will probably score around 984 goals this season, MLS is a terrible league.

  11. That the way Boyd is, wont do anything but scores for fun. Spencer luckily realises that and has told him just to stay in the box. I’m a Kilmarnock fan, we played him the right way, Rangers tried to change him, he still scored plenty for them and they still moan about him, sad glasgow twats though and possibly out the game soon. How we’ll laugh.

  12. If anyone disses on Dempsey they are not a fan of Soccer. He is a legend.Period.

  13. @graemelovessarahjane Have to admit it did feel like that when he started the game nervous and awful. He was nonexistant until he scored. Not worried though because we have the two best wingers and assistant forward to boyd in the league that make their money by giving superb service… boyd could end up with 36 goals this season with help from Darlington Nagbe (MLS goal of the Year 2011), Frank Songo’o (from Barcelona Spain), and Khalif Alhassan (MLS player of the Week this past week) MLS CUP!!

  14. rangers have currently got 2 american internationals in there team including the usa captain ! weve also had a former usa captain claudio reyna andda murcus beasley at our club.

  15. @tyler503hockey you will care when in big games.when your teams struggling and it seams like your playing with 10 men

  16. @nike2376 am not familiar with the salary cap system your talking about so i cant really comment on that but the finances in scotland are bad simply because we are such a small country. apart from the old firm there isnt any other big teams and with other country’s spending hundreds of millions of players ect the interest in the spl has went down which in turn means less tv money ect. sad really for such a passionate footballing country 🙁

  17. @strumminsimon Who care’s if he’s “lazy”? He was brought here for one reason and one reason only; to score goals. And so far he’s living up to those expectations.

  18. @GlasgowRangersFC1872 I never said they were better than Rangers, but you said MLS lacks passion, which it doesn’t.

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