25 Replies to “Goodbye Glasgow Rangers by Billy No’Well”

  1. Were on the road back. Old rivalries will soon be renewed. Fuck the HMRC
    cleared our name in that front as well. WE ARE THE PEOPLE 

  2. Newco.Rangers 3 years old no history and will always be in mighty Glasgow
    Celtics shadow

  3. Serbian Orthodox proud Celtic supporter here. Hope that their wretched
    queen ends in hell with her favourite pm thatcher.

  4. Why hasn’t Ibrox been sold? Surely if Rangers aren’t paying their debts
    Ibrox should be sold.

  5. Goodbye glasgow rangers all shed a tear or 2 cos that’s wot lauging makes
    ye do haha mon the popes a 11 fuck scotland’s shame gbNl

  6. I’m proud to share my love for Celtic even though people think I’m weird
    because I’m English and am only 14.

  7. Juventus showed you scum up for what you were…SHITE. I hope some Italian
    fan knocked Lennon out after the game , smashed him in the jaw and left him
    face down in the street

  8. I am Catholic & Croatian & Celtic supporter. One suggestion for Rangers,
    why doesn’t your Queen pay your bills now,Billy boys ??????? Or for that
    matter, that degenerate adulterer Prince Charles ??????

  9. Rangers didn’t win their tax case, there just wasn’t enough evidence to
    convict, BIG difference, they can still be taken back to court. Doesn’t
    matter anyway, they’re dead and buried, they are no more and they’ll never
    be back. HAIL HAIL!!!!

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