25 Replies to “I just cant get enough, Glasgow Celtic fans singing. Green Bridage Celtic Ultras.”

  1. @Feeneyy1 im a leeds united fan. you cant talk about creating atmosphere in a shit league when we’re about haha

  2. @BIueIVIonkey well look at the atmosphere with man united and arsenal yesterday, 2 of the biggest clubs in england and the atmosphere was shocking. we create atmosphere in a shit league.

  3. @Feeneyy1 its only good because of the rivalry, otherwise they’re shit atmospheres on other games.

  4. @flowerbeamer why would gent sing this? we have sang this for 2 years now you fanny

  5. @BIueIVIonkey watch some of the old firm videos if you want to here singing. old firm atmosphere is beyond what english teams could step up to.

  6. out of the whole stadium only that small section sing?
    this is why leeds united are above and beyond most teams. if we hear m.o.t, we all sing!

  7. @MrPawel6 How many Aberdeen fans sing at Pittodrie again? Do you even have any songs these days?

  8. fuck sake. 60000 fans and only 200 singin come on show better support.

  9. We love you celtic! WE DO!

    watch the video: PSV fans winding up the huns

    Respect From PSV

  10. fans of SPL teams must be so bored. Who we playing 2day lads, um St Mirren..great craic.

  11. @HecTicGamingPS Respect to those who dont choose the queen, Ireland never gave up, what about all the Scottish who fought against the english and queen years ago? those who agree with the queen disgrace their graves.

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