8 Replies to “Motherwell FC 18th May 1991”

  1. @MrAndy106 Got the audio for this…his mum says his name is Jamie and he was born the day after Stevie Kirk scored the winner against Aberdeen in the 3rd Round. She thinks that’s what put her into labour! So if anyone knows a 20 year old ‘Well fan called Jamie…

  2. the baby @ 38sec.. be in there 20s now a wonder if theyl be thereon sat and if they know there in this video!

  3. @ali1m You’ve no changed a bit, heh heh. A pleasure ali. Now, if we can just find the baby in the matching hat and jumper…

  4. I’m the schoolboy with the jaunty walk right at the start. Thanks for the video and c’mon the Well!

  5. Gr8 day 4 Motherwell, both the F.C & the Town. Remember this day as tho it were yesterday 🙂

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