5 Replies to “Motherwell FC 1991 Cup Final…All 7 Goals”

  1. The greatest final in living memory. Two teams who deserved to be there, neither of the bigot twins represented, and so many good players in both teams. Ah, and the old Hampden…

  2. There was no Old Firm involvement in the 1991 Scottish Cup final, but unfortunately it did still provide a platform for the “unacceptable face of Scottish football.” …..

    Davie Bowman.

  3. Thanks for uploading this. Although I’m a half-arsed Aberdeen fan, I was looking for the goals from this cup final just the other week, but all I could find was a poor quality video of Phil O’Donnell’s header.

    Good luck on Saturday — the more trophies non-Old Firm teams win the better!

  4. @Inchigh74 technically, it was motherwell fans in the rangers end. hope you didnae get too wet…

  5. Yea, those 20,000 rangers fans in the motherwell end were treated to a fine match indeed

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