24 Replies to “Motherwell FC – The Underdog”

  1. For everyone – The music is by Explosions in the sky, and the song is called first breath after coma. Their music is profound stuff give them a listen.

  2. I love Motherwell cause I love scottish culture. I also love Celtic cause I love irish culture.

  3. Rangers fan here. Fantastic Video. All the best to the well. Happily have you guys in 2nd place :). Seriously though… great video!

  4. im a man utd fan, hope you lads win the league this year. motherwell f.c. a real scottish team, playing for real scottish people. great video ,

  5. unlucky well,just wasnt ment to be,still prouder than ever to be a well fan
    Thumbs up if your proud to be a well fan

  6. Celtic fan here. Great video, your fans were brilliant today. Unlucky.

  7. this is our year , 20 years on , kirk scored in every round of the cup in 91 , sutton has scored in every round of the cup in 11 , need to believe lets do this for Uncle Phil

  8. 20 years ago 11 Men etched themselves into out history.

    4 days from now, 11 new heroes are on the verge of being held in the same light.


  9. It’s from a Versus Sports commercial….I’m sure McCall showing this to the boys wouldn’t do any harm!

    Great video….just adding to my Cup Fever! Moan the ‘Well!!

  10. the best motherwell video i have ever seen!! (realy shouldnt be making posts on this with my bands account but i dont care!)

  11. That is absolutely incredible. The hairs on the back of my baws were standing right up. At half 5 on the 21st of May, after ET, we will lift the cup. We will!

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