25 Replies to “Old Firm Riot(Glasgow Celtic & Rangers)”

  1. Both teams dishing it out, pretty nasty stuff, however……….Rangers
    players look like they get hit by a bus, diving a rolling around on the
    floor, Celtic players………take it all like the “real men” they
    are……………As Brain Clough said to Leeds players when he took
    over….”Chuck your medals, all your caps, all your pots and pans into the
    biggest flippin dust bins you can find, because you have never won any of
    them fairly, you’ve done it all by bloomin cheat in…..
    A Message For Rangers

  2. Typical Sevco Zombie Walking Dead retard who can’t even spell Fenian never
    mind know its meaning. We’re having a party in the Champions League, a
    tournament Sevco have never and will never compete in so get it up ye!

  3. shut up you dirty orange, zombie, flesh eating bastards. just away back to
    your grave while we enjoy our jelly and ice cream.prick

  4. Both teams are from different parts of glasgow but it aint no way the same
    ad northern ireland were theres flags and curbs to say what area ya in

  5. Fuckin wanker rangers fans in the comments easy enough to talk shit on the
    keyboard well have fun in your league while Celtic owns the SPL(: hail hail
    mon the hoops keep the faith and good luck next year silly fuckin teddy
    bear cunts

  6. grow a pair and vote for independence you bottleless prick……take up the
    scottish national sport instead….TOSSING……lol

  7. MrDRIFTKING1 I know juv bet Celtic 5-0 but u seem to forgt Celtic bet barca
    2-1 ya twat

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