Playing football themed games

There is no question that football is more popular now than it has ever been, with more families attending matches – thanks to the better facilities and all-seater stadiums – and a genuine global interest in leagues like the English Premiership – due mainly to the presence in it of star players from all countries and the screening of matches live across the world.

However, although this has been beneficial to football in lots of ways, it is hard to dispute that something has also been lost – something those who were fans before the 1990s will be particularly aware of. It is these fans who could find a video slots game like Shoot fits the bill pretty nicely.

For instance, although to some the name ‘Shoot’ that this slots game has been given, will not mean much beyond being a generalised football reference, but for older British fans it will instantly conjure up memories of the famous magazine of the same name. The game is billed as taking you back to “football’s golden era”, and this is backed up by the Trade’em up and Magazine bonus games.

The former features images of such luminaries from the past as Maradona, Pele and Ruud Gullit, while the former gives you classic Shoot magazine covers. Both games also offer the chance to increase your winnings, or win prizes, and when it comes to the payout there is nothing nostalgic about Shoot. Click here to try the game.

The top cash jackpot you can win with this game is $20,000 but, even if you don’t win that much, with fifty pay lines available with the game, you have a great chance of securing some sort of payout. Thus Shoot is a great combination of football and casino, and also neatly combines a feeling of nostalgia in the football theme, with all the best features of modern video slots games. This makes it something that could particularly appeal to older football fans, but should also be enjoyed by anyone passionate enough about the game to be interested in its history, and anyone who loves a bet.