20 Replies to “Rab Noakes – Mississippi (Bob Dylan cover) – Glasgow, Celtic Connections 2012”

  1. Love ‘mississippi’ probly my highlight from the ‘love and theft’ album.
    Theres also a great version (better in my opinion) on I think the bootleg
    series vol 9. Rab does a great job with his cover.

  2. I’ve changed my mind. This is not too fast, this is pure perfection. I tip
    my hat to you, Rab.

  3. Brilliant version of a wonderful song – Rab Noakes is such a top, live
    performer – listen to his version of Moonlight and Gold which is another

  4. Whoa! Big fan of Rab since the early ’70s and a big fan of Dylan since some
    way before that. This is wonderful..and an object lesson in how to tune
    into (and perform) another person’s song that just happens to ring all your
    bells. Buy all of Rab’s records you can find (I’m assuming you already have
    all of Bob’s) – “Red Pump Special” and “Never Too Late” are an essential
    part of any self-respecting collection. Andrew Knight

  5. What a fabulous version of a fabulous song. An act of courage and talent.
    Thanks Rab.

  6. This was the encore at the end of a fabulous concert – I like Rab’s version
    of the song better than Dylan’s original.

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