25 Replies to “rip Phil O’donnell motherwell fc”

  1. Rip phil so sad ­čÖü seemed such a likeable guy ( rangers & scotland fan )´╗┐

  2. Phil´╗┐ O’Donnell, wot can I say. An absolut pure legend in Scottish football. RIP xx

  3. Thers´╗┐ only´╗┐ 1 phil o’donnell and R.I.P from a rangers fan you will be missed best´╗┐ captian at motherwell

  4. RIP Uncle Phil !
    so sadly missed :'( !
    the memory of that game´╗┐ will live in my life forever ­čÖü !
    great guy on and off the pitch

  5. R.I.P from´╗┐ a rangers fan you will be missed best captian at motherwell

  6. cheers mate, just read your comment regarding the death of´╗┐ phill odonnel, he was a great motherwell fc captain

  7. Amigo, friend thank you! Barca´╗┐ are so wonderful….It’s hard to explain but Phil was very wonderful too.
    So sad still.
    Motherwell fan for 40 years

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