Paris St Germain manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that he wants the former England midfielder, David Beckham, to remain at the club beyond this season. Despite coming to the end of his career, Beckham still remains as one of the most wanted players in the world due to several aspects like marketing potential. The arrival of the 37-year-old has also given PSG a massive boost in the French league title race, as they have managed to extend their lead to 5 points in recent weeks. The former LA Galaxy man signed only a six month deal back in January.

His entire salary of around £ 1 million would be given to charity. Ancelotti, who has been at PSG for more than a year, has said that he would be happy to see that can extend his stay at the club, but it is a decision that he cannot make. He has urged the club and the player to come to an agreement that will see Beckham extending his deal. Beckham was recently in China as part of the PR agreement, which would have been a problem for many managers. However, Ancelotti has said that he has an incredible squad that would allow him to replace Beckham without a major problem.

He has also said that the marketing commitments were made before the player signed for PSG, and the club knew that they were going to lose the player for a couple of weeks.

“Extend his contract for another year? The decision has to be taken by the club, the player and the coach. But I am for it. There’s no problem at all. Everyone agreed to let him go there and he had made those commitments before signing for PSG,” said Ancelotti, whose team will be facing the Spanish giants Barcelona in the Champions league.