The veteran midfielder of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez said he would like to end his career in Barcelona but is not so sure if it will happen.

“It’s difficult to finish your career here. I don’t know if I will end it at Barca. I’d like to, but I don’t know what will happen.

“I feel good physically, better even than in the last two seasons. I don’t want to miss any games and sometimes that can affect you. I have to give myself a little bit more rest now. I am happy playing for Barca because of our philosophy. Perhaps I could have been happy playing for another club, I don’t know, but my priority has always been Barca.” Xavi said.

Xavi Hernandez spoke about the possibility of becoming a coach and while he did not confirm any intentions of taking charge of a club, he did state that even when he has already retired, he would like to continue being linked and close to football in some way or another.

“I don’t know if I will be a coach because I am still playing and I haven’t stopped to think about it yet,” he added. “But I like football a lot and I will stay linked to it. What on earth would I do otherwise – become an economist?”

While Xavi is nearing the end of his career and might be leaving Barcelona in a few season, Juan Mata on the other hand might be joining the Catalan club.

Juan Mata’s situation in Chelsea is dreadful as Mourinho does not consider him to be a regular starter for the Premier League club and has already told the Spanish midfielder that the door is wide open for him to leave.

The agent of Mata revealed that he has offered the playmaker to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Napoli as those are some of the clubs that Juan Mata is most interested in joining if he indeed decides to leave Chelsea.