25 Replies to “The Famous Glasgow Rangers”

  1. Newco oldco i-dont-give-a-co! The Gers can never die…till the end…blue
    till i die!

  2. @haybee12 typo and why not watch the cis cup final highlights or the 3-1
    game ???

  3. @haybee12 its spelt who’s you thick taig . and yes you are still in the cup
    but good luck winning it see you at ibrox timmy

  4. @PandaDelight HAHAHA your just NO fucking funny, ill show you whats funny
    you faggit, Utrecht 4 – 0 Timothy’s OOOOOOOooooo there NO tims in

  5. What……..’The famous Glasgow Rangers’ huh what about…..What about
    Famous Manchester United, What about the famous Chelsea etc…..theres so
    many famous than Rangers

  6. @sidnsally so why do l watch football is it the same reason you’ve put up
    for gay men !!!! NO it’s cause i love my team THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS

  7. What did the Rangers fan do after watching his team win the European Cup?
    Turn off his PS3 and get back into bed with his sister

  8. Wonderful, just wonderful. Fuck the republican soap dodgers. We are the
    people. FGAU

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