25 Replies to “Celtic F.C. – Champions 2011/2012”

  1. Same here. As a Liverpool fan myself, (Celtic first), what do you think of Suarez?

  2. lost to motherwell today but you are alot of points in front so don’t be leaving the ground as you are gonna be shot you should count yourself lucky i’m a man city fan but i like celtic .

  3. Down to 9 men and we nearly snatched a draw! It only delayed the inevitable anyways!

  4. we have chuck norris on the video AKA elliot duncan his brother is JCVD so please no1 reply to him for ur own safety

  5. why is sum1 in dundee supportin rangers, you sad man your hard and build aye, well ma sawn offs hard and build anaw ya fanny, up the ra

  6. No matter what anyone says about us we the celtic fans know we are the greatest club in the world.

  7. I bet you love watching this video don’t you. You couldn’t fight sleep you Zombie NED!

  8. *I’ll*
    *me and my…*
    you’ve obviously been smoking crack and drinking before posting your comment, there is no way anyone can be that stupid, is there ?
    when you typed “brother”, did you mean “lover” ? You did, didn’t you?
    You fight as well as you spell, dont you ?
    Why you even watching Celtic videos if you’re a hun ? You mant to type Sevco didnt you ?
    You greeting yet ya wee dick ?
    Go and run to your “brother” I heard you’s are hard for each other

  9. I come from a mixed family of mostly rangers fans and few Celtic fans and they have a decent intelligence you are a disgrace to Rangers football clubs fans you are setting a horrible example for them.

  10. as a fellow Liverpool & Celtic fan who was in Poznan when Ireland played Croatia in Euro 2012, I fucking hate him!

  11. Is Elliot for real?if so your mum and dad are definitely brother and sister, standard for a rangers fan

  12. GREAT VIDEO, WELL DONE. Elliot see me after school, some more homework required I think. Hail! Hail!

  13. So, the intelligence and standard of the typical Rangers fan on youtube is still as high as ever!

  14. ill fight everyone of you fkers mon then you dicks rangers for lyfe you wee fannys cmon sausgaes come to dundee then my and my brother are hard and build and ready for a wee go so lets fight come to 2 tofthll place

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