18 Replies to “Kris Commons’ penalty kick which liberates all Celtic Park (5/12/2012) HD”

  1. Thats great footage, I was at the top right of the picture (as far up as you can get) got the fright of my life I thought he had missed it my angle I was side on, heard the bar getting smacked lol

  2. yeah of course I remember you, my friend 😉 ! We see your hand and your mobile, and I even believe that we’re hearing your voice at the Celtic Song, aren’t we ? 🙂
    Hail hail !

  3. remember naboul the guy in the white next to u who was keeping upto date with the barca acore and hail hail

  4. Good vid mate. Bring on man utd show that auld red faced cunt up. Very dodgy defence

  5. You’re videos are brilliant mate! Hope to see some from the last 16 :D!

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