23 Replies to “Glasgow rangers supporters wreck Celtic Park. Contains Sectarian Vile Abusive Songs”

  1. Glasgow Police actually helped them ,so now the world know how it is in fucked up Scotland .
    A they really are animals .And support for uvf is mandatory now that’s why they don’t get off their arse to save Scotland’s sectarian club .Good advertisement for a new buyer hope they like what they see .

  2. What do celtic fans sing that is vile? There isn’t any songs that mock child abuse. No songs that are prejudice against religion, race or anything for that matter. The few chants that people get offended by are political and in no way offensive. If you get butt hurt by the IRA then your just another dimwit who has no clue.

  3. Nothing more vile than the shite yous spew out every week G.S.T.Q .. !!

  4. Sounds like the boys are bringing the roof down.. Bounce away lads .. R.F.C !!!!!!!!

  5. Email from Strathclyde police: There is an ongoing investigation into the incident being led by our ‘B’ Division officers. I have forwarded your email to them to ensure they have access to the footage you have identified.

    Email from SFA: We have seen it and Police are aware.


  7. God help the children and grandchildren of these vile people. If there really is someone watching over us I pray they rid us of the cancer that is Glasgow Rangers.

  8. Hope ye get the chance to do the same at Annan next season ya PRICKS!!!

    may the GRIM REAPER look after yeez

  9. Total scum…….and to sing about tommy burns just shows your total ignorance of your present/previous manager. They carried his coffin you cretins . Would love to bump into one or two of you sometime to “educate” you

  10. was this before or after we pumped them 3-0 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. So that’s an unhealthy obsession with child abuse, vandalisim witch you’s will have to pay fur (smart move) stealing the tune to one of our songs again and standin like a tit singing in the toilet..

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