11 Replies to “Sectarian BOTP, Assault – The Glasgow Celtic Way. SCUMBAGS”

  1. WOW ur team has just won the league for the first time in 4 years and they go to Ibrox fuckin scumbags

  2. I have been friends with Sellick supporters in the past and to be totally honest, that is the way they carry on. They are totally obsessed with hating Rangers! Needless to say, I don’t see them anymore. WATP.

  3. Nothing but inbreeds, their obsessed with us, they think about us more than their own manky team ! Shows a lot about their mentality, attacking a 70 year old woman, all they are, are scum, plain and simple ! First league title in four long, torturous years, and they get it full of taint, ha fucking ha !

  4. Typical. They win the league and all they can think about is Rangers. They truly are obsessed.

  5. sad sad sad bitter bastards. their team wins the tainted title and the only thing they wanna do is go to ibrox. fckn rheptile scum.

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