25 Replies to “Gordon Ramsay meets up with Ally McCoist as he returns to Glasgow Rangers ground to relive memories”

  1. I know some rangers fans. They are all fat and have false teeth. They are perpetually drunk and all beat their wives. They are unemployed and all have diabetes. They are ugly and have bad skin. They never wash and are semi-literate. They eat nothing but junk food and they spend most of their time in dingy pubs. They are all inarticulate and are very bigoted. They all smoke and they wear nothing but sports gear. They constantly repeat “we are the people” and they worship The Queen.

  2. tragic memories like walking on the pitch
    and theres NO CROWD ya barm.
    tragic memories like 2012 doon the drain.
    Celtic win it ALL.
    HUNS in arbitration.
    tragic memories aye gee us another bridie

  3. i see some taigs have been up to mischief with one of the pictures on the wall 1:27 lol maybe the dumb inbred fucks thought it was king billy

  4. Soon Not your favorite local team anymore you can buy your food for your restaurants as it will be Tescos LOL

  5. He is so full of shit,he made up all these stories about playing matches for Rangers but the truth was he played in a friendly or something with practically no first team players in it, I would have pissed myself laughing if he had walked in and Sally had said “Who are you?”

  6. What a glorious morning to be a Celtic fan…HUN’s do you want to borrow a Irish Euro to help you out….FECK OFF

  7. He might be a good cook but if I was working in his kitchen he would have been head butted a long time ago,

  8. Where would the chef world be without Gordon?? But I really sympathise with him that he didn’t get to succeed in his biggest passion. That must have been so heart-breaking for him. At least he can still play charity football!

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