25 Replies to “The Glasgow Rangers”

  1. I know some rangers fans. They are all fat and have false teeth. They are perpetually drunk and all beat their wives. They are unemployed and all have diabetes. They are ugly and have bad skin. They never wash and are semi-literate. They eat nothing but junk food and they spend most of their time in dingy pubs. They are all inarticulate and are very bigoted. They all smoke and they wear nothing but sports gear. They constantly repeat “we are the people” and they worship The Queen.

  2. best vid iv ever seen, brought a tear to my eye when i first watched it.
    we will never die boys, lets get behind our team like we have, no walking away WATP! <3

  3. Best of luck to all Rangers fans, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Football fans all around the world salute and support you. These are hard times, but this beautiful club will never die!

  4. Favourite line : “We remember Gazza , with great affection , the day the helicopter changed direction” (:
    WATP and we Don’t do walking away because we don’t like ice cream and jelly , we prefer helicopter sundaes ;)!
    stick together Bears and we will get througt this !<3

  5. this song is so poignant right now…… 1st time i watched it i burst out greeting…… love rangers more than anything

  6. love this video. plenty of momentsi would have added into that. but i suppose we have our own wee fave memories

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