20 Replies to “Rugby World Cup 2015 Opening Ceremony”

  1. Je ne comprends pas, a 3:25 le ballon reateri en France alors que la coupe du monde se dรฉroule en angleterre

  2. If Alex had bounced the ball while running everyone in the world would be playing a sport equivalent to Australian football now.

  3. The last place on earth to be discovered by humans will also be the last place that oval ball will be introduced to…and from there will arise the greatest nation to ever play with it.

  4. How one of the worlds greatest sports started from a bunch of school kids playing 30 a side football.. ???

  5. No blacks in England in those days… PC gone mad once again
    Good film though

  6. Remember watching this. Literally everyone, even my patriotic English grandparents agreed that this was utter nonsense, and only good in the eyes of some hippy artist.

  7. And in fourty years we will colonize New Zealand and the natives will mix DNA with us and produce the greatest rugby players in history and they will dominate the sport forevermore

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