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  1. as a Kiwi I was hopeful for Ireland. Never hosted and it's a similar size to NZ so you get that gourmet festival version, has to go their way next time

  2. Ireland has nothing on South Africa. SA is probably the only host country that can really bring the world together for an international event as big RWC. Think of anything and SA probably has it and it will be the most affordable meaning more people from more places can enjoy the spirit of rugby.

  3. I'm from South Africa but I hope that Ireland get the RWC 2023. Too much rubbish is going on in SA at the moment and our economy is in the gutter. France already have hosted recently and have the Olympics in 2024. Mainly, I want Ireland to get it so that I have an excuse for visiting.

  4. We can afford to host a rugby world cup and yet can't afford to deal with many issues such as housing or health care crisis ? My generation are all either leaving the country or throwing themselves of bridges. 2023 ? I & many others will be long gone for a better life abroad. Ready for the world ? Ask your own Irish people what they think about life over here

  5. i was massively expecting it to just be full of big hits from the irish and for it to say about them being the giant slayers by beating the all blacks and us english, but it never at all, very classy, ireland well deserve the world cup and i hope yous get it

  6. Ireland 2023 – Ready For The World but every time Liam Neeson says "the world", it speeds up.

  7. found this video very touching especially becuase i have family in Ireland and I am 25% irish too, I hope World Rugby chooses Ireland as the 2023 world cup host.

  8. Ireland are the 3rd best country in rugby and that's why they are hosting the RWC one of the best rugby teams in the world

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