20 Replies to “RWC 2003 – Final – England vs. Australia”

  1. Also, how bitter is John Howard presenting the trophy? Grow up you fuckwit

  2. Got to give John Taylor, the main commentator credit here too. Former player for Wales, probably his worst nightmare personally seeing England win it, but he’s so excited when Wilkinson hits the drop goal.

  3. Now Eddie Jones is coaching England, who'd have thought that at the time?

  4. I agree with others that was the best rugby world cup ever English team were so good and they can takle too English team allways get a lot of supporters even if they play away from home

  5. i remember this very very well i was in a packed pub watching this from 7am drinking beer i will remember this for the rest of my life

  6. remember watching this all of those years ago. can't believe it was 15 years ago now!. great final between two quality teams.

  7. I'd like to see the stats for Robinson in the first-half, in what was a fairly attritional game. Always beat the first man and made ground, nearly away on a couple of occasions, scored the try on the opposite wing, even put in a good tactical kick and forced a knock-on. Only negative was being beaten in a jumping competition by a man about 20% taller than him.

  8. I remember this game only too well. Referee was a complete biased cunt. Absolute bastard.
    Disgusting the way he adjudged this game. A FUCKING WANKER OF THE FIRST DEGREE!!

  9. Me and my mates( not rugger fans) all got up early and sat to watch this. We were all shitting our pants until Johnny did the business! Great memories.

  10. Props to Australia for putting on the best rugby world cup final show in history, stadium atmosphere etc. and performance

  11. Even though I'm English, I was really impressed with this Aussie team. English tactical genius pitted against Australian courage and grit.
    What a final. Breathtaking. England forging ahead, Australia coming back strong, and the talisman Wilkinson snatching the win in the dying seconds.
    Football doesn't have these moments. England vs Australia. It's our thing. There's nothing better.

  12. This happened on the day I was born and the nurses wanted to call me Johnny after Johnny Wilkinson because of it.

  13. John Howards Face was Like a Doctor's Telling some Poor Patient that they have Terminal Cancer!.

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